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Dryer Vent Cleaning includes a rotary brush cleaning from the outside to the inside while simultaneously using a high pressure air system that will be connected to the existing duct work on the inside to force air, lint and debris to exit the dryer ventilation system through the outside. This system recovers close to 100% of all lint and debris within the ventilation system. Also includes the removal of lint from behind, under, and around the dryer as well as the inside of the dryer if accessible. All lint will be cleaned up outside after completion of that unit’s cleaning.

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Importance of Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

3/19/2001 - Lake Country News reports officials are warning homeowners to have their dryer vent piping checked after a fire caused over $60,000 in damages to a home in Antioch, Illinois. Fire Chief John Dixon said, “It was overheated lint in the piping that sparked the fire.”

1/31/2011 - Garden City Patch in Garden City, New York reports firefighters responded to a Popular Street fire that originated in the laundry room. “It appears that the fire started near the dryer vent hose and extended up the wall to some clothing on a shelf,” a firefighter said. The fire department reminds residents of the importance of “periodically cleaning all lint traps and dryer vent hoses.”

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